Central Valley Retiree Medical Trust

Participation in the Trust is generally open to all Employees within a participating Bargaining Unit


Delta Fund Administrators

PO Box 2487 Stockton, CA. 95201

Email: RMT@deltafund.com

Phone: (800) 700-6762

Fax: (209) 940-5255

Who are the Trustees? How can I contact a Trustee?

  • Mattew Pettus, Chairperson, DSA
  • Bryan Roof, Trustee, MCFFA
  • Gerard Hilgart, Trustee, SDAIA
  • Gregg Clifton, Trustee, SSMA
  • Derek Nichols, Trustee, SCFPD
  • Mathew Ponce, Trustee, MPOA

Contact the Trust Office & they will be more than happy to provide you with trustee contact information.