Central Valley Retiree Medical Trust

Participation in the Trust is generally open to all Employees within a participating Bargaining Unit

We, the Board of Trustees, are fellow public sector employees, selected by the membership of our Associations. We are very pleased to distribute to you this “Summary Plan Description” booklet, which gives general information regarding the operation of the Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan in a question-and-answer format, a brief summary of the Plan, as well as rights and protections to which you are entitled under federal law.

The Board of Trustees is totally committed to the successful operation of this Plan, with a goal of helping public sector employees and their families lessen the burden of retiree health costs. We welcome your input and comments.


Benefit Claim Form

COBRA Election Form (Notice F)

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Direct Deposit Instructions

Expense Claim Form

Participant Data Form

Trust Documents:

Summary Plan Description

Plan Document

Trust Agreement


Summary Annual Report

HIPAA Notice

Plan Amendment #6

Notice of Plan Am. 6 & IA Policies

Small Individual Account Policy

CVRMT Investment Overview - 10/31/2015

Plan Amendment No.7

Notice of Plan Amendment No.7

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